Chris Wagner is a broadly equipped artist from Basel (Switzerland). His career as a photography artist began few years ago when his very first series of erotic photographs was awarded and earned him a contribution to “Art Undressed 2015” in Miami.

Since then he has been working continuously in this subject area.

His photography and installations are based on the specific contrast between humor and sensual aesthetic, with which he manages to bring together two seemingly incongruous things to create extraordinary fantasies.

As he says himself, his art is embedded in a sort of intermediate world. Half reality and half fantasy.

Exhibited here is a series of photographs named “foodporn” and an installation devoted to the same topic.

Chris Wagner who was trained by Slovakian artist M. Johannesova in drawing and painting, followed by studies at the school of Advanced Creative Education.

At the beginning of his artistic life he never thought about doing nude photography. It happened rather fortuitously because he practiced his drawing skills by regularly doing nude drawings. Photography was simply the logical extension because the camera allows the creation of more subtle, haunting moments than may seem possible with a pen or a brush. A drawn fantasy will remain a fantasy, while photography increases credibility and power, even when it remains a game with the imagination of the beholder.

Many fantasies can be connected to nourishment; there are numerous points of reference and overlaps. May it be sensuality or singularity. Every edible product seems just as individual as the people themselves and their situational or playful internalization is merely a logical consequence.

Thus sexuality and food are the building blocks of what keeps humanity alive and the “incorporation” dominates our being as a sensual experience. It may seem almost logical to bring these essentials together aesthetically and appreciatively, arranged analogously to the “amuse-bouche” as “amuse-yeux”.

bon appétit